eyrac is un studio de graphique design operated par Thomas Frisch in London et à Paris. Magazines, posters, t-shirts, logos, etc.

Stereophonics "Pull The Pin" Tour Book (v2 Music)

Graham Rounthwaite (the art director responsible for the Stereophonics’ last two albums) asked me to work on some aspects of the merchandising for the Stereophonics 2007 tour. The original design for the ‘Pull The Pin’ album was rather slick and glossy so Graham wanted to produce a ‘dirtier’ version which would fit their live performances better, reflecting the raw energy they deliver on stage. I was in charge of designing the text pages for the tour book, and opted to treat them as imaginary drafts for the original cd booklet. I misregistered the original courier type, replaced the titles, stained the background, et voilà !