eyrac is un studio de graphique design operated par Thomas Frisch in London et à Paris. Magazines, posters, t-shirts, logos, etc.

Cercle Bleu (Movie Production)

I work frequently for a movie production company named Cercle Bleu, for which I design all sorts of presentation packages, screenplay dossiers and projects, to be shown to the numerous French cinema subsidy commissions. French producers rely heavily on these to bring their projects to fruition, yet most will only turn in a very basic B&W printout with no second thought on its design. Cercle Bleu opted for a slightly more elaborate approach, where the aim is to look attractive AND underfunded at the same time.
As a result (or so I like to think), nearly all of Cercle Bleu’s projects on which I worked landed money and are on their way to a release.

J’ai réalisé un certain nombre de dossiers, de scénarios, de prospectus et de cartes postales pour les productions Cercle Bleu. Ces documents ont une visée professionnelle : permettre aux projets de films de passer les différentes étapes d’attribution d’aides et subventions.