eyrac is un studio de graphique design operated par Thomas Frisch in London et à Paris. Magazines, posters, t-shirts, logos, etc.

Art Direction for "Transfuge"

My first job as a freelance graphic designer was art direction for a magazine... One week before the deadline for the third issue, the (ill-tempered) editor was left without anybody to finish the layout. I guess I was the only one willing to help... I did 6 issues for them, doing design, production and also some sub editing and translation... I had total freedom on design but no photo budget and only two weeks each time to create 112 pages on my own, which meant scavenging for free pics and making do with what was at hand. I learnt a lot about my trade at that time (I did not even think of calling myself an art director) and the magazine improved issue after issue. By the time I left them (in 2005), Transfuge had doubled its print run, moved from 2-colour to 4-colour process, and generally gone from amateurish to mainstream in its style and appeal. www.transfuge.fr

Transfuge n°3 Transfuge n°8

Transfuge est un magazine de littérature étrangère diffusé en kiosques et en librairies. (tirage : 8000 ex.)

Transfuge première époque (2003-2005) : la revue de 112 pages, trimestrielle, est alors vendue exclusivement en librairies. Elle est imprimée en bichromie.

Transfuge passe à la quadrichromie et se lance en kiosques en septembre 2005. Il s’agit désormais d’un magazine bimestriel, avec une ligne éditoriale plus proche de l’actualité. C’est l’occasion d’une refonte totale de la charte graphique, effectuée avec Frédéric Hallier.