eyrac is un studio de graphique design operated par Thomas Frisch in London et à Paris. Magazines, posters, t-shirts, logos, etc.

La Troisième Fois [2006]

I created this poster for Annarita Zambrano’s first movie. The movie is a 10-minute, fixed camera, uncut sequence of a woman telling a story. She came to a police station in order to file a date-rape complaint. But as she is questioned (by a voice over) and has to give precise details on what happened, little by little she starts to doubt her own judgement and wonders if she is really a victim or if she is making too much of it. I tried to illustrate this on the poster by fragmenting the still photograph (which I had taken) into broken pieces with various tones and contrasts, while retaining for the titles a rather austere typeface (DIN Engschrift). The positioning of the actors’ and director’s names is meant to reflect their roles in the movie, inside or outside the frame and the picture itself.

Création de l’affiche du film La Troisième Fois, dans lequel un personnage voit ses convictions s’émietter au fur et à mesure d’un interrogatoire (Sensito Films).